What We Stand For



The Mission of I.A.F.F. Colorado Local #5080 (Golden Professional Fire Fighters) shall be to elevate firefighting and related services as a profession; by the fostering and encouragement of a high degree of skill and efficiency; by the cultivation of friendships, and cooperation amongst its members, public officials, and citizens of our community. The desire is a comprehensive fire fighting force that assists members in times of need and brings positive impact to the community through the department we proudly serve. Strength through united action, guided by intelligence, is the hallmark of this Proud Professional Fire Fighters Union.



We will unite all of our members into one strong union that adapts to changing surroundings. We will bring a union voice to the professional firefighters of Golden, CO. We will ensure future generations are prepared to lead their successors. We will collaborate with the public to win resources for services that make communities stronger. We will hold ourselves accountable to these values. Through solidarity, we will help our community.



SERVICE - We will bring a voice to the professional fire fighters of Golden, CO and work to make our community stronger.

SOLIDARITY - We will join with others to promote common interests.

PROFESSIONALISM - We will stay committed to providing the highest level of skill and competence to the citizens of Golden.

HONOR - We will hold our positions as union members and fire fighters with great regard and respect. We will fulfill our obligations to ourselves, successors, and citizens with adherence to what is right.

COMMITMENT - We will stay dedicated to our cause, combining our values and vision. Together we will elevate firefighting as a profession, and the community we serve.